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POM HIST 110: Political Movements in East Asia / Chin / Sp 2022


Welcome to the library research guide on Political Movements in East Asia, a research seminar taught by Prof. Angelina Chin in Spring 2022. In this guide you will find information on how to start the research process, and how to look for secondary and primary sources related to the topic of your choice for your research paper on political movements in East Asia. Use the side menu bar on each page to navigate through the guide. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me any time. I am here to help.

Chinese Political Posters from Special Collections

Revolutionary Teachers and Pupils Should Share the same stand Point of View


Thoroughly Laying Bare the Evils of the "Gang of Four"

Actively Participate in Sports and Cultural Activities

The Combination of Polarizing and Upgrading Sports Policy will Largely Improve Sports Activities

Huang Daopo. For her wonderful skills in weaving, she was famous at the end of song Dynasty + the beginning of Yuan Dynasty. She invented the first Chinese weaving machine.

Madame Curie. This poster is meant to educate students to learn from famous scientists and to study hard.

Blossoming Flowers Welcome the Four Modernizations. This poster showed the state's eagerness to realize the four modernizations and to become prosperous.


[Expecting the Beautiful Tomorrow]


[ Friendly Flowers ]

This poster is meant to promoting China's friendship with foreign countries.

[ We Have Friends All Over the World ]


[ Nothing Will Grow without Sunlight ]

This poster was to praise Mao Zedong as being like sunshine for people.


 [Chairman Mao is Forever Living in our Heart ]

A picture from Chinese language textbook in primary schools in memory of Chairman Mao.


[One child is the Best for Each Couple ]

[Family Planning is Good]

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