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SC PCYC 183 Data Science Ethics & Justice / Michael Spezio / SP 22

Resources for your Final Paper in the Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences

Data Science Ethics and Justice is an interdisciplinary course drawing from Computer and Data Sciences, Philosophy, Politics and other fields.  To help you research for your final paper, Professor Spezio has set up two sessions with librarians: a session with Katie Kohn, STEM librarian; and a session with Adam Rosenkranz, an Arts and Humanities Librarian, whose fields include Philosophy.

In this guide, we've included some of the best databases to find scholarly sources for your topics (below).  Most of you will primarily end up using ACM Digital Library and Philosopher's Index.  You could also consult the other full research guides we have listed.  Think about your topic carefully and what disciplines that might have something to say about your topic. 

In addition, we have included tutorials that review the kind of strategic searching we went over in the sessions as well as links about Writing and Citing (including links to our Zotero Guide)

Do not hesitate to contact Adam or Katie with questions or to make an appointment with them.

STEM Databases

Philosophy Databases

Interdisciplinary Database and Newspapers

Research Guides in Other Subjects

Arts and Humanities Librarian

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