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CMC HIST 182 - Human Health and Disease in American History/ Tamara Venit Shelton - FA 2020

Welcome and your Assignment

For the the primary source inventory, the summary of the secondary source and your primary source analysis paper, you will need to select a primary source and secondary sources (scholarly articles or chapters from a scholarly books) to help you analyze your primary source.  This guide, as well as out two research sessions, will help you identify these sources.  Below is a selection of primary sources to choose from either Special Collections  (from the Virtual Exhibit) OR the databases "Popular Medicine in America"  or "Medical Services and Writers"

There is also a tab on the right side to jump to the section with selected databases for finding secondary sources, as well a sections on Writing and citing, our research tutorials and Search Strategies.

Welcome to Special Collections

Located in Honnold/Mudd Library, Special Collections is a place where you can connect to the past by examining rare books, reading original letters and manuscripts, and studying historical photographs and other objects. We collect, preserve, and make accessible collections that span more than 900 years of human history, with particular depth in 16th-20th centuries, the American West, science, music and theater, Asian history and culture, books and printing, and the history of The Claremont Colleges and the larger Claremont community, among other subjects, places, and eras.

In addition to your class bibliography, you can find other lists of sources and exhibit catalogs we have created during each academic year for a variety of Special Collections classes, exhibitions, and events. These bibliographies provide glimpses into the wide range of special collections held by The Claremont Colleges Library which are available for your research. You can find more detailed information about our collections, on the Special Collections website.

Please contact us for more information.


Primary Sources for this Class

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