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CGU HIST 300: Doing History and Being A Historian / J. Goode / FA20

Welcome: Your Research and Idea of Process Research

Hello!  Welcome to the Course Guide for CGU History 300: Doing History and Being A Historian"

This guide and our workshop session are meant to help introduce you to history research at The Library of the Claremont Colleges and beyond.  It is not meant as an exhaustive guide. 

The main  scholarly guides in history are America: History and Life (which covers the US and Canada) and Historical Abstracts (which covers everywhere except for the US and Canada, back to 1450).  For more databases, consult the guides below.

What this guide does have to offer  some additional tips and links to a review Research Tutorial, Research strategies, and Writing and Citing  Below there is also a section on finding journals or textbooks your assignment for History 300.

Above all, Librarians are here to help you.  Please do not hesitate to contact Lisa (Special Collections) or Adam (History Subject Specialist) or other librarians).

You might also consider parts of the Start Your Research Tutorial

Finding History Journals and Textbooks

For your assignment, you can choose a "Journal Biography" or examine History Textbooks.

There are a few ways of finding and browsing digital history journals.  If you have a specific title of a journal, search for it in our journal/ Browzine page:

You can also browse history journals here:

Browse History Journals in Browzine

For more on Browzine and how you can use it to keep with journals in your field, see:

FAQ on Browzine

The best way to find textbooks is to find titles on Google and search from them on The Library Catalog.  Please note that our current ability to borrow print resources may be limited and textbooks are often not available electronically.

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