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GIS - Geographic Information Systems Services

The Claremont Colleges Library offers GIS support services online and in person, along with a configured Digital Tool Shed. Contact for access.

Esri Help

Links to important updates to Esri software

Where can I obtain Esri installation software?

The GIS lab is installed with ArcGIS 10.3  You can download the software following directions below. We have older version 10.2.2 installation DVD at the library front desk or find a copy of the installation software in the GIS Lab. 

The following are accessible from in the GIS lab c:\GIS\software

  • ArcGIS 10.3
    • if you have older version you need to determine if uninstallation is required before proceeding
    • online install guide
    • software for installation (includes extensions)
  • ArcGISPro 1.0 

Installing ArcGIS 10.2x

The Claremont Colleges are ESRI site licensed thru the Claremont Colleges Library.  Most labs are installed with ArcGIS10.  The Honnold Mudd library is installed with ArcGIS 10.3 (with all extensions)
You will need to request an authorization code from to install.  Student is provided with ArcGIS Advanced (ArcINFO0 for 365 days from day of install.  More in depth information for installation is here although I find some features are unnecessary so feel free to follow the most common steps below.  

Start here if you do not have or unsure if you have an Esri User Account

      Can you install software on your computer?

ArcGIS requires Windows.  See here for more information including installation on Mac

You must have administrative privileges to install on the machine (for example, you can't install software on the library computers)

1     Obtain ESRI Global Account (skip to *Obtain Software Authorization Code below if you already have an Esri Account)

2     Authorize your account

Start here if you already have an Esri User Account 
3     Obtain Software Authorization Code
Please email for the Authorization Code (EVA+9 numbers).  Code is provided to registered students, staff of faculty. If you are neither, you are emailed a 60 day Authorization Code.  You will need to obtain  Authorization Code to complete installation
Start here if you have an Esri User Account & EVA code provided 
4     Go to Download ArcGIS Page (you cannot proceed with this step unless you have the Authorization code in previous step) Using the computer you are installing ArcGIS, go to (select Log in with your Existing ESRI Global Account lower right.)  In the screens that follow you can assign your industry or education, your choice.  When prompted, submit your Authorization Code ... provided by your instructor or
5     Uninstall any previously installed ArcGIS If you have versions 10.0 or earlier you can use the ArcGIS Uninstall Utility to remove any previously installed ArcGIS.  If you have an earlier 10 version already installed, you can skip the uninstall as it will update instead.  
6     Download ArcGIS Download the ArcGIS for Desktop ~850 MB. Select a destination folder to extract the install files to. If you choose, you can automatically launch the setup after the files have been extracted.
Start here if you have an Esri User Account and was provided a DVD to install ArcGIS
Install ArcGIS
  • When prompted, select ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use
  • Click Authorize Now
  • On the Authorization Options dialog, check the 'I have installed my software and need to authorize it.' option and click Next.
  • Enter your Authorization Code: (EVA+9 numbers).  Note, use the code provided by your instructor, emailed to you from library GIS Support or (if you have one) can be found on inside sleeve of the DVD software cover. Click Next.
  • On the Authorize Software Extensions dialog, select 'I do not want to authorize any extensions at this time.' (the nine core ArcGIS for Desktop extensions are included with your Authorization Code.) and click Next .. next .. eventually, software will attempt to connect to Esri server to authorize your install. 
Additional Recommendations
  • When eventually using GIS, I recommend you create a folder to save your work in your root directory such as c:\gis or d:\gis ... not on your desktop or My Documents
  • Do not add spaces to the file name and folder names. I'll mention it again to be sure you have the message .. do not add spaces in your file name or folder names :-)
  • if you plan on working with raster data (or if you are not sure you are) do no use more than 13 characters in either your folder or file names.
  • When downloading data layers from you will find you data is extracted to a temp folder.  Not knowing where your data is located can make operations difficult.  To point to the location your data is to be extracted, follow these steps:
    • Start ArcMAP.  Once opened, select Customize Menu >  ArcMAP Options > Sharing Tab > change the Use User Specified folder to your folder you are saving your work (I used example d:\gis\example).  See here for demo
    • You will need to repeat this if you are at different computer.
  • Change setting on ArcGIS to work relative path.  Open ArcMAP > File Menu > Map Document Properties and 'check' Store Relative pathnames to data sources