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ASAM 126 / Introduction to Pacific Islander History / Fall 20 /A. Flores

Your Assignment and this Guide

Welcome to the research guide! 

Whether you choose to do the research paper or family history,  you will need to find both secondary, scholarly sources and primary sources . . Directly below this box, are some recommended databases for finding secondary sources, a box with some recommended primary resources,  and  and a box with other library guides, should you want to explore even more databases and other subjects.  In any case, don't hesitate to make appointments with me or contact me with questions.

Just a few words about research that you can either heed or ignore:  seen holistically, these different types of sources make up the scholarly conversation.  Your research paper, which responds to your topic and the sources you locate, is also part of the scholarly conversation.  Research is not linear.  What you find in your sources may alter the trajectory of your research. 

If you are new to conducting research at The Library or would like a review:
Consider reviewing the Starting Your Research tutorial to learn the phases and processes of doing research

Secondary (Scholarly) Sources

Primary Resources in Asian American History

Historical Magazines and Newspapers

Governmental and Statistical

Historic Books and other Printed Materials

Women and Gender

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