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AMST 180: American Studies Seminar/ Professor Cheng / Spring 2021

Your Assignment and this guide

Welcome to the course guide for the American Studies Seminar. This guide is the place to start for a selected menu of primary sources and secondary sources, for the full course, please delve further into other research guides that might match your topic. 

Please remember that I and other librarians are here to help you. Don't hesitate to contact me or make an appointment.

The Library Search (below)  is a good place to find both primary and secondary materials.  The Advanced Library Search allows you to do more complex searching that combines keywords.

Selected Archival And Historic Databases in American Studies

Historical and Present Day Newspapers, Magazines and Current Events


Primary Sources in Library Catalogs

Primary sources of all types can also be found in our regular, circulating books, in Special Collections, and beyond.
Here are few ways to find primary texts and sources by using our own Library Search:
  1. Use the author search  to find books we have by a particular author, politician, journalist or another type of historical witness
  2. Do an advanced keyword search in The Library Search and then limit by publication years under “limit your search”) (note:  you can also limit by language and many other ways).
  3. Do an advanced keyword in Library Search and then limit by years and then limit to the word  "sources" in the subject field (by using the dropdown menu), for example:

"native american" in the subject  field (or "indians of North America")

"schools OR education" in the keyword or subject fields

"native american" in the keyword or subject fields

"sources" in the subject field. 
This brings us the Library of Congress Subject subheading “sources” which is sometimes used to designate primary source collections of different kinds — as in:
  • Indians of North America -- sources
A  rich source of primary materials is Honnold/Mudd Special Collections and its librarians.  

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