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PIT FYS - Youth Culture - Prof. Affuso - FA 2017

Assignment overview

Your assignments ask you to analyze a film in relationship to an aspect of youth culture.

You will need a combination of background sources and argument sources, in addition to the film that you're analyzing.

Background sources help you to identity the theories, theorists, concepts, and history of the aspect of culture you're choosing, and the film you're analyzing. In your paper, they may help you to provide context to your argument and answer the question, "why should I care about this?"

Argument sources help you identify what researchers already know or don't know about your topic. In your paper, the arguments made in these sources are used to refine or extend your own argument.

Exhibit sources are the items that you are analyzing - in this case, your exhibit is the film.

Use the menu to the left to find a list of recommended places to start your research and tips and tricks to access and choose your sources. 

Here is a link to the spreadsheet activity we worked on in class.

BEAM method of using sources

When developing a research proposal, it's important to recognize how sources will build upon, inform, and interact with your own research.

The BEAM method, developed by Joseph Bizzup, a rhetoric professor, provides a good model.

beam method for using sources

Organize your research

Citation mangers are tools that organize your research and help you save time. You can even create bibliographies and in-text citations!

The library supports two citation managers:

  • Zotero is a free, open-source tool that lives in your browser. There are plug-ins for Microsoft Office so you can use it to cite in-text.
  • RefWorks is a subscription-based tool. There are plug-ins for Microsoft Office so you can use it to cite in-text. RefWorks requires a Claremont Colleges Library log-in, but you can continue to use it even after you graduate.

See below for guides on using each of these tools.

Other useful guides

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