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SCR WR50 - Women Writing Children's Lives - Prof. Roszak- FA17

Your Assignment and Quick Start

Welcome! I created this course guide to assist you with finding library resources for Writing 50 Women Writing Children's Lives. Please feel free to contact me at any point while researching your paper if you need help or want a friendly person to help you through the research process.

For the final research assignment for this course, you will write a Researched Argument Paper. In order to do so, you will need to find ten (10) sources in addition to the primary source text that you choose to use.

Of your ten sources:

  • Seven must be credible academic sources, including five that were not assigned reading for the course.
  • At least three of your five original sources must be "articles or book chapters by other researchers who have written about your text (or similar texts), advancing arguments that are partly similar to your own or that are different from your argument in ways that demonstrate the unique value of your own interpretation."
  • The remainder of your sources may provide "socio-historical or theoretical context for your text and/or your topic, sources that provide relevant biographical material or commentary by the author you are writing about, and rare books or archival materials if applicable to your project."


Reference Sources


Literary Criticism Resources


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