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Research Guides

CMC FHS - Vampires, Zombies, & African Diaspora - Prof. Sarzynski - FA 18

Your Research Assignments

This course guide is designed to be a jumping off point to various resources you'll need to complete the research assignments for FHS 010: Vampires, Zombies, and the African Diaspora

Background Handouts and Presentations on a Primary Source (novel or film)

  • Find background information on director, author, actor/actresses, budget, popularity – revenue made, awards, etc. 
  • Find information from  film or book reviews  
  • Cite your sources using the Chicago Manual of Style (footnotes)

Assignment #3: Paper on Historical Legacies and Contemporary Monsters

  • Find (historic) films
  • Find popular culture theories (e.g., Stuart Hall, Edward Said).
  • Find secondary sources on your topic (peer-reviewed journal articles, books or book chapters)
  • Cite your sources using Chicago Style footnotes and bibliography entries

Use the menu at the left to find recommended resources for finding the different types of sources listed above.

Your Required Course Reading in the Library

The Library buys copies of required course readings for all courses. They are shelved on the second floor of the library near the Main Services Desk. We also often buy e-copies of required books.

Other Useful Research Guides

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