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POM SPAN105 - Spanish Film: Tradition and Transgression - P. Cahill - FA 17

Assignment Overview

Your final essay requires that you write a detailed analysis of a Spanish film in light of one of the following contexts: a director's work/career path, a film genre, its socio-political context, or the representation of  a specific theme. You must must analyze a movie that was not watched for the purpose of this class, and watch two additional, related movies.

Regardless of which assignment trajectory you decide to follow, you will need to populate your bibliography with adequate secondary scholarly sources.

These will help you situate your main argument in the appropriate academic context. They will be the voices you engage with and against as you construct your arguments in your essay.


Organize your research

Citation mangers are tools that organize your research and help you save time. You can even create bibliographies and in-text citations, using the correct citation format of your choice!

The library supports two citation managers:

  • Zotero is a free, open-source tool that lives in your browser. There are plug-ins for Microsoft Office so you can use it to cite in-text.
  • RefWorks is a subscription-based tool. There are plug-ins for Microsoft Office so you can use it to cite in-text. RefWorks requires a Claremont Colleges Library log-in, but you can continue to use it even after you graduate.

See below for guides on using each of these tools.

Other useful guides

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