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PIT FYS - Rich Nations Poor Nations - Prof. Yamane FA 17

Your Assignment

Welcome! This guide is designed specifically to support you in doing background research for your Rich Nations Poor Nations writing assignments. Your overall assignment prompts explain "We will learn to apply basic economic concepts and analytical techniques to the study of human history. This is also a writing intensive class which will require at least 25 pages of writing. Drafts of these 25 pages will be reviewed, and returned with comments, before submission of the final draft."


This library session is to introduce you to library resources in general, as well as more specifically for your writing.

Use the menu to the left to find a list of recommended places to start your research and tips and tricks to access and choose your sources. 

Examples of sources you might use include:

Background sources for information on theories;

Books and scholarly articles for secondary sources;

Primary sources (first-hand accounts, data, etc.) for additional information.

See the menu on your left for additional guidance on finding these sources.

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