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Legacy Refworks

Please Note: This guide is designed to assist you with the current version of RefWorks. If you are looking for assistance with the legacy version of RefWorks, you can find that

What is Refworks?

Refworks is a web-based research tool that enables you to collect and organize your research materials for writing papers and other research projects.  Additionally, Refworks provides you with the means to annotate sources, as well as, create bibliographies and citations for your papers.

For a complete list of Refworks's features, you can check here.

Creating a Refworks Account

Creating a new RefWorks account is pretty simple.  Navigate to and click on where it says Create account.

Once you have clicked on the Create account link, follow the prompts to set up your Refworks account.

Getting Help with Refworks

If you have questions on how to do something with Refworks or an issue with Refworks, this guide is designed to help you use many of the features of Refworks. You can consult the table of contents to the left to see if your problem is addressed.

Additionally, Proquest maintains their own support for Refworks at Proquest Support.

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