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How to start and use the ReadCube service for accessing Nature Journals.

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Connect to ReadCube Nature Journals Service

ReadCube is a new, article-on-demand service for Nature journals that the library currently does not subscribe to. The Claremont Colleges Library will be picking up the fees for the articles.

Setting up a ReadCube account: If you don’t already have an existing free ReadCube account, you can set one up easily through one of the following options:
• Download ReadCube Desktop - Navigate to and create a new account.
• Register through the ReadCube Web Reader - To do this, first access any article (example article) by either clicking on the PDF link and selecting Interactive PDF or choosing ReadCube Access to view the article. Follow the login/register link in the top right corner.
Accessing content: When you come across a journal we chose to offer via ReadCube, you will see a link to the ReadCube PDF (“view Enhanced PDF”).
If you click on the “View Enhanced PDF” link, you will be presented with an interstitial page indicating access options – rent, cloud and/or PDF purchase, depending on the journal.

  • Rent: you can read the article within the ReadCube environment during 48 hours.
  • Cloud: you can read the article within the ReadCube for an indefinite period of time, as well as print it.
  • PDF: you can fully download the article and therefore read and print it outside of the ReadCube environment.

 If, when clicking on any of the access options you are logged into your ReadCube account, the article will be shown instantly in the ReadCube Web Reader. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in. You will be presented with an enhanced PDF version of that article within a browser window (for example Safari or Internet Explorer). More information on what an enhanced PDF is can be found here.
Every new acquired article will be synced with your existing ReadCube library.  You can view all purchases in any web browser, in the ReadCube Desktop, or soon enough, also on your iPad and iPhone. New purchases or acquired articles will be synced across all platforms.

You can acquire new content both on- and off-campus. More information on the ReadCube Proxy support.


Margaret Hogarth, Electronic Resources and Acquisitions Librarian

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Margaret Hogarth
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