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Microfilm/fiche Reader Instructions: Home

The Microfilm/fiche Reader

The library owns a microfilm viewer attached to a computer system that allows patrons to view documents available on Microfilm, Microfiche, and Microcard.  Additionally, the ViewScan program enables users to adjust the quality of the image they are viewing, as well as, print or save the images as computer files for later viewing.

The Microfilm Viewer is located across from the Services Desk.

Starting the Viewscan Program

1. In order to view your documents, you will need to open the Viewscan program.  Click on the Viewscan icon (shown below) located on the computer's Desktop.


2. Once you click on the Viewscan icon,  the viewing program should open and the Viewscan Startup Screen should appear.  To start viewing your documents, click anywhere on the screen.

Note: You can access a video on how the Viewscan programs works by clicking on the How it Works icon on the lower left corner of the startup screen.


3. Once you have clicked anywhere on the startup screen, a menu will appear allowing you to select the mode you wish Viewscan to operate in: Simple, Standard, or Advanced Mode.  Simply click on the Mode you wish to use to start it.

Note: For an explanation of the different modes see below.

The Three Viewscan Operating Modes

The three different operating modes form the ViewScan program offering differing levels of image manipulation features and document manipulation features.

  • The Simple Mode is the least complicated form of the program to use and only offers basic image editing and document manipulation tools.  These tools include:
    • Zoom Controls
    • Focus Controls
    • Rotation Controls
    • Positive/Negative Inversion Controls
    • Basic Light Adjustment Controls
    • Document saving and Printing features
  • The Standard Mode offers some more advanced features not available in Simple Mode.  In addition to the features seen in the Simple Mode, the Standard Mode also has the following tools:
    • Straighten Image Controls
    • More Advance Light Adjustment Controls
  • The Advanced Mode offers all the features available in the advanced mode, but also contains the following tools:
    • ClipMerge Tool