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Research Guides

POM ID 1 - Language and Gender - Prof Divita - FA 2017

Your Research Assignment

This guide is designed to point you to the resources you need to do research for Essay #3: Data collection and analysis.

For this assignment, In addition to collecting your own original data you will need to "familiarize yourself with the relevant scholarly literature" ie. scholarly sources.

Use the menu at the left to find recommended databases for finding scholarly sources.

If you are new to conducting research:
Consider taking the Start Your Research tutorial to better understand the phases and processes of doing research.

Library Card & Off-Campus Access

Your Pomona ID card is your Library Card

You can get access to all our online resources from off-campus, just go via links on the Library website or from our catalog & you'll be prompted to authenticate as a 5C student

How to Find the Main Entrance of the Library if You're Coming from the South aka Pomona

Art & Humanities Team