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HathiTrust Digital Library and Research Center Portal: Home

Search and analyze over 14 million digitized resources! This guide will tell you how to log in to access member-level benefits and how to use the text analysis tools in the HathiTrust Research Center.


The HathiTrust Digital Library is a collection of both in-copyright and public domain resources comprising

  • Over 14.6 million volumes
  • Over 7.3 million book titles
  • Over 403,000 serial titles


You can search the catalog for descriptive information (title, author, subject, etc.) about these resources or run full-text searches.

Viewing the full text of results is limited to items that are out of copyright and/or in the public domain.


HathiTrust Member Privileges

The membership of The Claremont Colleges in HathiTrust grants additional privileges to our users.

  without login with Claremont login
Search full-text of all volumes
View full-text of non-copyright volumes
Download single page of non-copyright volumes (PDF image)
Download full volume of non-copyright volumes (PDF image) X
Search within collections
Create and save your own collections X
Use of accessibility features X
Chart adapted from Syracuse University Libraries

To access members only features:

Pomona, CMC, Scripps, HMC, and CUC faculty, students, and staff:

1. Log in to HathiTrust by clicking the yellow button in the upper-right of your screen.

2. Select your institution from the drop-down menu (all Claremont Colleges and CUC are listed individually), and log in using your CAS credentials.


Pitzer, and KGI faculty, students, and staff:

Please contact Rebecca Lubas or Sarah Pickle for further assistance with the members only enhanced features.

HathiTrust Research Center

The HathiTrust Research Center enables you to apply analytical tools to the public-domain resources in the HathiTrust Digital Library. The HathiTrust Research Center is available to all current 7C students, faculty, and staff.

HathiTrust Research Center

Visit the HathiTrust Research Center Portal to create an account, build "worksets" of resources you want to analyze, and run algorithms on those worksets.

HathiTrust Research Center Algorithms

News (Dec 5, 2016): The HathiTrust Research Center Expanded Features (EF) Dataset is now available! This release "opens the complete HathiTrust collection for investigations into historical and cultural trends, the rise and fall of topics within the corpus, and the evolution of words and writing structures in publications dating from the 16th to the late 20th century." In it, you'll find "quantitative information about word and line counts, parts of speech, and other details within each page of every volume" in HathiTrust. ("Big (and Open) Data for Scholarship of All Sizes: A New Release of the HathiTrust Research Center Extracted Features Dataset").