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Elections 2016: Home


Photo by Lydia Bello 

Every election season, there are incredible amounts of information to sift through when exercising your right to vote. This research guide is a starting place to find information on voting, voter registration, and issues both nationally and locally to California. 

This interactive map from the Elections Assistance Commission users to quickly access key information in their state about registering to vote, where to vote, what's on the ballot, and more.


Want more Information?

The following research guides have more resources that my be useful to your research. 

And Claremont Colleges Librarians can help you 

Election Events at the Library

Every year the Claremont Colleges Library hosts Claremont Discourse, a lecture series where faculty share research and other projects. For fall semester 2016 the theme is Elections. 

Upcoming events: 

What just happened? Election 2016: A Panel Discussion and Review
With Jack Pitney, (Government Department, Claremont McKenna College; Jennifer Taw (Government Department, Claremont McKenna College); Sean Flynn (Economics Department, Scripps College); Leo Flynn (Politics Department (Emeritus), Pomona College); N. Ann Davis (Philosophy Department, Pomona College).
Thursday, November 17, 4:15 pm