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Digital Scholarship Workshops: Evaluating Digital Scholarship

Presentations and supplemental materials from the Digital Scholarship workshop series at the Claremont Colleges Library, facilitated by Ashley Sanders.

Digital Scholarship Coordinator

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Ashley Sanders
Honnold/Mudd Library
800 N Dartmouth Ave
Claremont, CA 91711
"The processes of assessment is essential for digital projects to be counted toward graduation requirements or tenure and promotion, or for discussion a projects contribution to the field. While digital dissertation projects vary widely, departments and dissertation committee members have a number a precedents in creating mutually acceptable guidelines for evaluating digital dissertation projects."
  • Editors Daniel J. Cohen and Joan Fragaszy Troyano address the topic at length in an issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities, (Fall 2012).  
  • The Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative has compiled an excellent list of articles and posts surrounding the issue in its Valuing & Evaluating DH Practice page.

Some professional organizations have begun to recognize a need for discipline-specific evaluation guidelines.

Individual dissertation committees, advisers, and students will still have to agree upon guidelines that will be effective for a given project.