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Digital Humanities: What is Digital Humanities?

A short introduction



Do you do Humanities?  Do you use a computer?  Chances are you're closer to being a Digital Humanist that you think. 

Simply put, Digital Humanities is using computational methods and tools to answer questions and provide new avenues into Humanities research and related disciplines.

What do you mean by "tools"?

As Matthew Milner writes, “What Digital Humanists mean by ‘Tools’ is extremely loose and inclusive: in essence, it means any kind of application or software that helps you get the job done, whether gathering, processing, or presenting your research".

Methods could include, but are not limited to, Text Markup and Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Mining, GIS and mapping, etc.

Why you should care about DH

The Digital Humanities are growing in importance not only in the national conversation, but on the campuses of the Claremont Colleges. The 5Cs were recently awarded a five-year, $1.5-million grant from the Mellon Foundation to enrich pedagogy and scholarship surrounding the Digital Humanities in the liberal arts undergraduate setting.

The Digital Humanities is also known for using tools historically employed in STEM and social sciences disciplines (e.g., GIS) for new scholarship, which provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations.