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Computer Science: Finding Articles

Computer Science Databases

ACM Digital Library - fulltext of all ACM journals and conference proceedings. 

CiteSeerX - a digital library and search engine that focuses on the literature in computer science and information science. 

Computer Database - Computer-related product introductions, news, and reviews in areas such as hardware, software, electronics, engineering, communications and the application of technology.

Computer Science Journals  Computer science Journals (CSC Journals) is an open access publisher with an orientation towards research, practical and industrial applications.

Google Scholar -is Google's searching across scholarly journals and books, and is great for searching across multiple disciplines.

IEEE Xplore - provides searching of IEEE transactions, journals, magazines, and conference proceedings and all current IEEE standards. 

Web of Science - covers highly used and highly cited scholarly materials in science back to 1908.  Web of Science also indexes the social science and arts and humanities, making it a great tool for finding scholarly materials across multiple diciplines.  

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science - contains 300+ 50-100 page ebooks in computer science and engineering that synthesize important research or development topics. 

Finding Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Articles

When you want to find articles about topics in your area of interest, use the databases for that subject. Databases are search engines for journal articles, newspaper articles, book reviews, dissertations, and (sometimes) gray literature on specific topics or disciplines.

Most databases are subject- or discipline-specific, but don't forget to try out databases that search across disciplines in order to maximize your ability to find materials. Examples of interdisciplinary databases are Academic Search Premier and JSTOR.  Lots of things we'll own online, but for the things we do not own online, make sure to place a request for that item through Resource Sharing

Browse Electronic Journals

Use the Library's Electronic Journals Portal to search for individual journal titles  or browse our list of subscriptions by clicking on the "Browse" tab.