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Theses, Dissertations and Other Student Scholarship: Keck Science Dept.

Why should you make your scholarship available to the world?


  1. Make sure to get the professor's permission if the work is a result of on-going faculty research.
  2. Have your reader/advisor sign the exemption or embargo form (see links for forms below) and then submit it to the registrar if you have been requested to do so.
  3. Make sure any copyright  or privacy concerns are addressed.
  4. Talk to a librarian if you have questions about this or if you need research assistance.

When you are ready to upload your thesis to Scholarship@Claremont, make sure to navigate to your home college and list the first department on the form as WM Keck Science Department and the second as your major department.

Please note that once a thesis has been submitted, it will not be removed unless there are charges of plagiarism or copyright violation.

BEGINNING: What You Need to Think About as You do Your Research

Do you hold the copyright to all the content (e.g. images, graphs, interviews, music composition, etc.) included in your thesis?

  • No? Do a Fair Use analysis or get permission to post online for any content that you didn't create.
  • Yes? Great! Carry on!

Is your thesis a result of on-going faculty research?

  • Yes? Get the professor's permission to upload or embargo.
  • No? Great! Carry on!

 Should content in your thesis be private (e.g.: interviewee's identifying information, proprietary research, etc.)?

  • Yes? Discuss with your advisor about anonymizing, redacting information or getting an exemption.
  • No? Great! Carry on!


The Benefits

  • You will have a permanent url to your work in Scholarship@Claremont that can be emailed, linked to, and posted on CVs, job applications, websites, etc.
  • You will receive a download count report that will tell you how often your thesis is being viewed.
  • Your college can link to RSS feeds of the uploaded theses on the college or department websites.


Easily discoverable through Google and other search engines

    • Increases the visibility of students and their advisors, potentially leading to improved job prospects or graduate school placement for students and better recruitment for your college.
    • Studies have shown that open-access articles are cited more frequently than comparable works that aren’t openly available.


Most recent KSD theses

COMPLETION: Upload Instructions

Before you upload, have your advisor send an email to us through the Contact Us link on the website stating that you are approved to upload.

Make sure you have:

  1. an abstract,
  2. 3-4 keywords,
  3. your faculty advisors' proper names,
  4. any supplemental files,
  5. and your thesis. Make sure you have the clean copy in pdf, no "Track Changes"!

You should have done a Fair Use analysis or have permission to use any graphs, tables, images, or other content that is not your own.

Please note that once a thesis has been submitted, it will not be removed unless there are charges of plagiarism or copyright violation. 

Upload, then celebrate! Congratulations!