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Why should you make your scholarship available to the world?

Scholarship@Claremont (click on image)


The Benefits

You will have a permanent url to your work in Scholarship@Claremont that can be emailed, linked to, and posted on CVs, job applications, websites, etc.


You will receive a download count report that will tell you how often your thesis is being viewed.


Your college can link to RSS feeds of the uploaded theses on the college or department websites.


Easily discoverable through Google and other search engines

    • Increases the visibility of students and their advisors, potentially leading to improved job prospects or graduate school placement for students and better recruitment for your college.
    • Studies have shown that open-access articles are cited more frequently than comparable works that aren’t openly available.


Supports academic departments and programs in showcasing student accomplishments

    • Improvement in student outcomes. Knowing that the final product is going to be shared online with a wide audience is more likely to make a positive impact in the quality of content.
    • Effective method of sharing original research beyond the student and the faculty reader.



    • Reduce wear and tear of copying frequently requested theses.
    • Easy access, any time and any place -- no longer limited to the open hours of reading room