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Public Policy Analysis
Data & Statistics
by Mary Martin - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
This is a guide to finding Data and Statistics from a variety of sources, as well as some guidance on how to find help working with raw data.
EA 95: U.S. Environmental Policy Processes
by Mary Martin - Last Updated Sep 16, 2014
EA 95 starts with the idea that institutions of government are not a fixed inheritance but choices that are constantly being revised. The goal of the course is to provide evidence for this idea through a basic introduction to both American institutions an
Elections & Voting Information
by Mary Martin - Last Updated Oct 7, 2014
This guide provides links to databases and links that provide information on voting and elections.
Government Information
by Mary Martin - Last Updated Nov 24, 2014
Guide to Government Information
International Relations
by Mary Martin - Last Updated Jan 5, 2015
This is a research guide for study in International Relations - which can be defined as relations between one or more countries.
PO PPA Senior Thesis
by Mary Martin, Allegra Swift - Last Updated Jan 23, 2015
the Claremont Colleges Library GIS Services
by Warren Roberts - Last Updated Jan 21, 2015
Many of the GIS Services at the library can be provided online. However, we have a configured GIS lab with software and data for you use. Contact for access.