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SCR WR50 - Writing about Short Stories - Prof. Anderson- FA17

Your Assignment and Quick Start

Welcome! I created this course guide to assist you with finding library resources for Writing 50 Writing about Short Stories. Please feel free to contact me at any point throughout the research process if you need help or want a friendly person to help you through the research process.

For the final research assignment for this course, you will write a Researched Argument Paper. In order to do so, you will need to find seven (7) scholarly secondary sources in addition to the primary source text that you choose to use. You may also find reference sources helpful in finding biographical details about the subject(s) of your research.


Reference Sources


Secondary sources and articles

Citation Management Tools

Citation Managers are tools to help you keep track of your citations as you research and to create/format your citations and bibliography. Both RefWorks and Zotero allow you to keep citations, full text articles, and other research resources organized in one place. You can also use these tools to format your bibliographies and the notes/citations in your papers according to the appropriate style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

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