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Research Guides

POM POLI 008 - Introduction to International Relations - Professor Reiling - Fall 2017

Find Reference Sources

Find Articles Through the Library

You can find different resources online using databases purchased by the library. Databases are library tools that help you locate articles, book chapters, and more on a particular topic or author. Databases can vary by topic. Below are several resources that will be helpful for your research paper. 

Find Books at the Claremont Colleges Library & Beyond

Use library search to find books and [some] articles. Books provide in depth information about any topic. Some books are primary sources - some are secondary. They provide more complete information to substantiate a topic or theory.


Use the "request" button to borrow books from other libraries

Primary Sources in International Relations

  • government records
  • photographs
  • speeches
  • maps
  • firsthand accounts (such as diaries or memoirs)
  • drawings
  • laws
  • letters
  • blog posts
  • works of art
  • raw data (such as from polls or censuses)
  • posters
  • works of fiction
  • interviews
  • newspaper articles
  • and more!

To find primary sources specifically, couple the topic of your subject heading with relevant subheadings that relate to the historical time period, place of origin, and item format of the materials that interest you. Use the Library Search for materials.

These "complex subjects" (containing more than one idea) have their own particular notation.

Example: if you are looking for letters written by Russian revolutionaries, you might try searching for "Revolutionaries--Russia--Correspondence" for more targeted results.