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CGU EDUC 473 - Qualitative Inquiry - Prof. Bermudez - FA 2017

Manage your research with citation managers

Citation managers "are programs that collect records or citations from research databases (indexes, catalogs, etc.) that you can then organize for your research projects. They also help you cite your research by creating bibliographies, citations, and footnotes automatically."

-From Citation management, University of Chicago Library

Why should I use a citation manager?

  • Stay organized while researching
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Automatically create citations and bibliographies while writing papers

The Claremont Colleges Library supports RefWorks and Zotero with workshops, drop-in clinics, and one-on-one help.

Which citation management tool is right for you?






Allows users to share citations

Good for organizing citations for papers


Since Claremont Colleges Library has a site license, there's no cost


Simple download of citation records

Good for managing a variety of formats, including web pages

Offers most functionality in a free, open-source product


Free via Claremont Colleges Library license. See the RefWorks guide for information and how to sign up for your individual account. 

Free with 300 MB of back-up storage.  Storage upgrades available for a monthly fee. Open source. 

Download Zotero

See the Zotero research guide for more information.


Learning curve?

Fairly quick to learn; many online user guides and demos


Claremont Colleges Library does offer Refworks training classes

Quick to learn; simple design, many online user guides and demos


Claremont Colleges Library does offer Zotero training classes

This chart adapted with permission from the MIT Overview of Citation Software at MIT research guide.

Using RefWorks or Zotero