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Welcome! This guide is designed specifically to support you in doing background research for your Psychology of Collaborations Article CoPresentation Assignment. You will work with one other student to locate, understand, and present an empirical, peer-reviewed paper related to the week’s topic.  In 12-15 minutes, you will use lay language (steer clear of jargon) to tell us about the key question, methods, results, and implications of your selected study.."

Syllabus and Assignments:

This library session is to introduce you to library resources in general, as well as more specifically for your writing.

Use the menu to the left to find a list of recommended places to start your research and tips and tricks to access and choose your sources. 

For this assignment you will be using the database PsycINFO to search journals for Journals for Empirical Articles for your Literature Search bibliography, and collection. It is crucial that our Toolkit be based on empirical research regarding our groups, teams, collaboration, performance, etc. Thus your group's first challenge is to figure out what's out there in terms of research studies, meta-analytic reviews, and other authoritative sources for this assignment. See the Google Worksheet on the syllabus for questions to ask such as:

Search Terms: What terms did you use in PsycINFO to locate the source?

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