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Secondary and Tertiary Resources in Botany

In botany and the sciences, secondary resources are books and articles that provide an overview of the field, rather describing one specific experiment and its method and outcome. Review articles are secondary sources. One excellent way to find review articles that give the state of the field is to find a subject-specific journal in the Annual Reviews database. Tertiary sources are sources that consolidate primary and secondary sources; encyclopedias, manuals, and textbooks are tertiary sources.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Items @The Claremont Colleges Library

Students and faculty at The Claremont Colleges have access to the world-class Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden botanical library. The library is searchable via Library Search. In order to limit your search to RSABG Library holdings, go to the Advanced Search page of the Library Search. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and under Library select Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Your search will now bring up only items from the RSABG Library collection.

Find Botany Books

Biology and botany books in print are shelved on Honnold 1 near the cafe. E-books and print book are searchable via Library Search.

Books are are important in the sciences because they take a broader view of a topic that does a research article or a review article. When you are new to a topic or beginning a big research project (like a senior thesis or a literature review), starting with books is a better strategy than diving straight into research articles. Find books in the library by using Library Search as well as browsing the shelves of the biology collection.

In academic libraries in the United States, books are grouped by subject and the call numbers correspond to those subjects in a system called the Library of Congress Classification System. For more about how to find a book in our library, see our Finding a Book FAQ.