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Research Guides

Political Science

This is a guide to research in the subject areas of politics and government.

Background Sources

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, or handbooks provide background, general information about a topic.

Background sources are sometimes referred to as Reference sources.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

In peer-reviewed articles, scholars who are experts in political science provide arguments and detailed analysis on specific issues.

Use peer-reviewed articles to identify what experts in the field are saying about your topic, and engage with their arguments in your research papers.

Government and Legal Documents

Government Documents and Legal information can be used as evidence in your paper, to support your analysis.

For more information about Government Documents, check out our research guide on the subject:

Newspaper Articles

Use newspaper articles to illustrate your arguments, and to support the analysis you develop from peer-reviewed articles.

Data and Statistics

For more information about Data and Statistics, check out our research guide on the subject: