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Standards Amazing Shared Box Guide - no more reinventing the wheel!

Purpose and Best Practices for LibGuides Staff Intranet

LibGuides Staff Intranet Group will be a private library-staff-access-only group of guides to serve as a staff intranet/knowledgebase; in other words, an internal website for sharing current info about each department, helpful links, current internal policies and procedures, etc.

Purpose: To help library staff better understand our organization and easily find the current information they need to get things done.

What should be included:

  • how are our staff organized (org chart, list of all dept members on dept guides/tabs)

  • who does what (not your official job description, but function/knowledge, reasons why other staff or public would need/want to contact you i.e.: admin for google Drive, end-note expert, responsible for firm orders, microfilm reader expert, business subject specialist, etc.)

  • technology admins -- list of who has admin access to libguides/libraryh3lp/drive/sakai/staff blog/twitter/fb/news blog etc. AND who has access to post/edit news blog, library website, twitter, fb

  • workflows (acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, materials handling, etc)

  • how-tos and tech tips (how to use google docs, how to use libguides, how to print, how to use Sakai, etc)

  • current internal policies and procedures (the documentation that this group produces, how to place a gobi selection, how to request a journal subscription, procedures for using LibAnalytics)

  • current forms such as: phone list, IRS car reimbursement amount, conference leave request, performance review, new employee checklist, book search form, new library account form

  • masters of current handouts (Honnold book locations, outreach handouts)

  • team charges, list of team members, lists of major projects for all ad hoc group work (HITAG, CCL Documentation Group, Outreach Group, etc). Can also include links to working documents in Google Drive or archived documents in Sakai as appropriate.

  • current administration docs (or links to google docs, if they are working docs), including budget, strategic plan, KSDs, emergency manual, emergency phone tree, new employee orientation checklist


  • by department or listed under “cross-departmental teams”

  • tabs and boxes do not need to match the naming conventions used in Google Drive and Sakai, but can be more informal

Best practices:

  • each unit will be responsible for updating its area

  • when new content is added, add a notice to staff blog announcing and linking to new content