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Art & Art History

Formatting Your Citations

Art Historians use Chicago Style in their publications.

Using Citation Managers to Collect and Format Your Citations

Citation Managers are tools to help you keep track of your citations as you research and to create/format your citations and bibliography.

Pitfalls of Automatic Citation Managers/Formatters and Art Books

If you are using a citation manager such as zotero or refworks or any other tool that automatically formats citations, you must be very careful when citing art books. Many art books are listed in library catalogs with the artist as author of the book, even if s/he was dead when it was written.

For example, this book was published in 2009, over 30 years after Picasso died

The auto formatted citation will be

Picasso, Pablo, Yve-Alain. Bois, and Palazzo del Vittoriano (Rome, Italy). 2009. Picasso Harlequin, 1917-1937. Milano: Skira.

but the correct citation is

Alain-Bois, Yves, ed. 2009. Picasso Harlequin, 1917-1937. Milano: Skira.