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LibGuides 2 - Instructions

Standard Box

Currently in LibGuides 2 there are four different types of boxes that can be used to create your libguide. Each type of box is represented on this page.


The standard box, as its name applies, is the basic box for constructing libguides. A standard box was used to create the content in the box that you are currently reading.



Below are a set of links that will take you to one of the library's databases. These links were created using the "Add a database" feature in LibGuides 2. All of the library's databases have already been loaded into libguides 2. All you have to do is select the database you want and a link will be created to the proper URL along with a description of the database.

Tabbed Box

The Tabbed Box enables you to create a single box that contains multiple tabs of information.

You can make use of many of the same features that appear in the Standard Box, such as links to websites or databases, images, or videos.

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Gallery Box

Princess Luna

Princess Celestia

Princess Twilight