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SCR ANTH 190 - Anthropology Senior Seminar - Prof. Park - FA 17

Welcome and Key Databases for Finding Sources

Welcome! This course guide has been created to assist you with finding library resources related to your coursework. Please feel free to contact me at any point throughout the research process, if you need help.

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                                                                    Image credit: "Culture" by Joel Ormsby

Start your senior thesis Anthropology research with these key resources: 

Where to find dissertations? And why use them?

Why search for dissertations?

  • You are having trouble finding books and journal articles on your topic.
  • You are exploring a new area of research.

A few suggestions on how to use dissertations:

  • Review the bibliography for relevant sources. Dissertations often have extremely comprehensive bibliographies.
  • See if the author has published an article(s) or a book related to the dissertation. If the author is of particular interest a good first step is to Google the author's name and see if you can find a list of publications by the author. 

Stream Feature and Documentary Films

Other Research Guides

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