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Tableau for Data Visualization

Introduction of using Tableau for data visualization

Getting Started

1. Accessing the software 

  • Go to to request a free student license. 
    Typically, Tableau will provide students an immediate free 14-day trial version. You will need to apply to get a one-yea free student license and that process may take a few days.
  • Each year students enrolled full-time can request a new one-year key.
  • Instructors using Tableau in their coursework can apply for a free one-year instructor license here:
  • Tableau software is also available on library computers in the Digital Toolshed and on some of the IT labs on the colleges.

2. Training and instruction

3. Additional materials


Data Science & Digital Scholarship Coordinator

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Jeanine Finn
Digital Technologies & Scholarship Division
Honnold, 3rd floor
The Claremont Colleges Library