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CM Psychology Research Methods Practicum/Costanzo: DVDs

DVDs in Honnold

A selection of psychology videos in the Honnold/Mudd AV collection:

  • APA counselling series (various DVDs, search the series)
  • Discovering psychology. HON A/V AV 0032-0035
  • Flow. HON A/V AV 4466
  • Happy HON AV AV 4973
  • The Mind : Psychology Teaching Modules. HON A/V AV 2213 -2215
  • Obedience / Stanley Milgram. HON A/V AV 2483 
  • Quiet rage: The Stanford prison study. HON A/V AV 0473
  • Slim hopes: advertising and the obsession with thinness.
    HON A/V AV 2484 
  • Three approaches to psychotherapy. I:Dr. Carl Rogers.
    HON A/V AV 2226

Though not primarily containing psychology videos, other large video collections on campus are at Pitzer Audio-Visual Services (x72638) and Pomona College (various locations.)

Students from all Claremont Colleges may view Pitzer videos at Pitzer. Talk to staff at these offices about what is available to you.

Stanley Milgrim -- Obedience

Stanley Milgram's classic research on obedience to authority through
candid footage shot at Yale University in May 1962. Documents both
obedient and defiant reactions of subjects who are instructed to
administer electric shocks of increasing severity to another person and
shows subjects explaining their actions after the experiment.
His experiment was soon classed as highly unethical as it caused stress to the participants in the study.

The video:

Obedience [videorecording] / chief investigator, Stanley Milgram

Location Call Number  
 HON AUDIOVISUAL              AV 2483    

The book:

Obedience to authority : an experimental view / Stanley Milgram

Location Call Number  
 HON    HM271 .M47 1975a    

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