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CM Psychology Research Methods Practicum/Costanzo: General Sources

Find Books at the Claremont Colleges Library & Beyond


Use the "request" button to borrow books from other libraries



If you need an article in a journal that the Library doesn't own, you may request an electronic copy of the article from Resource Sharing.

You may ask for as many as you need, and the service is free to current Claremont students, faculty, and staff.


As for any subject, encyclopedias can provide a good basic introduction to subjects, people, history, and theories in psychology.

Go to REF BF in Honnold and take a look.

There is also the online International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences from Elsevier.

Handbooks and Manuals

There are a number of important handbooks and manuals in specific areas of psychology.

Handbooks are excellent sources to use for an overview of a topic, to begin a literature search, and to find discussion of schools of thought, theoretical approaches, and landmark research studies.

Handbooks provide authoritative summaries and evaluations of research, and are contributed to by recognized experts. They are more comprehensive than textbooks and will contain lists of important references.

To find handbooks, try searching your subject in the above Library Search ("cognition" or "organizational behavior") and limit by word in title "handbook."

You can usually check them out; only a few handbooks are in Reference. Always check the location and status.


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is a used by professionals and researchers in psychology and psychiatry to categorize and list criteria for the diagnosis of mental disorders.

It is published by the American Psychiatric Association.
The inclusion or removal of specific conditions as mental disorders over the years has been controversial.


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