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CM Psychology Research Methods Practicum/Costanzo: Experimental methods

What is a simple experiment?

"A simple experiment is used to establish cause and effect, so this type of study is often used to determine the effect of a treatment. In a simple experiment, study participants are randomly assigned to one of two groups. Generally, one group is the control group and receives no treatment, while the other group is the experimental group and receives the treatment." Psychology


Experimental method

This is the APA definition:

Experimental methods Research methodologies that involve the manipulation of independent variables in order to determine their effects on the dependent variables.

How to find experimental studies

Though performing a psychological experiment is a long-standing method in psychology, it is not listed as a methodology choice in PsycINFO.

But it is easy to find studies that use experiments.
Create your search in PsycINFO, then pick Empirical studies as a methodology.

Then search experiment* in the Abstract. That will give you the use of the word experiment, experiments, or experimental in the abstract.
Then make your selection.

Read the methodology section of the full article to see how the experiment was done by the researchers.

Journals of experimental psychology

Canadian journal of experimental psychology
Experimental psychology
European journal of social psychology

Individual differences research
Journal of applied behavior analysis
Journal of experimental
Journal of experimental social psychology
Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior
Journal of experimental research in personality
Multivariate behavioral research
The quarterly journal of experimental psychology
Social psychological & personality science



Surveys or Observation

Like experimental studies, the best way to find studies that use OBSERVATION or SURVEYS is to add either word in abstract to a topic search.

Observ* or Survey* in abstract

Subject Guide

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