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CM Psychology Research Methods Practicum/Costanzo: Literature Reviews

Example of a literature review

Assessing indices of happiness and unhappiness in individuals with developmental disabilities: A review. Dillon, Courtney M.; Carr, James E.; Behavioral Interventions, Vol 22(3), Jul 2007. pp. 229-244. [Journal Article]

Subjects: *Happiness; *Personality Measures; *Profound Mental Retardation; *Sadness

Methodology: Literature Review

Finding Literature Reviews

The APA defines literature or research reviews as "Surveys of previously published literature on a specific topic."

Often an assignment requires this special type of article. Many psychology journals contain literature reviews; some, such as Clinical Psychology Review, contain a high percentage of them. They can be invaluable to get a feel for the background and current state of research on your topic.

*In PsycINFO, enter your search term(s) in the search boxes.
*Move down the screen to the section Limit Your Results below the search boxes, to the Methodology section, last section in the far right column.
*Click on LITERATURE REVIEW. (See picture below)
*Click the SEARCH button at the bottom left of the screen.

Literature review PsycINFO search

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