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CM Psychology Research Methods Practicum/Costanzo: Empirical studies

Research on the Web

Psychological Research on The Net (American Psychological Society)

This site links to known experiments on the internet that are psychologically related.
They are organized by general topic area and the sites contain the questionnaires and surveys.

Empirical Studies

The APA defines an empirical study as a "Study based on facts, systematic observation, or experiment, rather than theory or general philosophical principle." (PsycINFO methodology field values)

Empirical studies will often contain statistics. Because of the limit features, PsycINFO is the best database to use to find these types of articles.

Enter your search term(s) in the PsycINFO search boxes.

Move down the screen to the section Limit Your Results below the search boxes, to the Methodology section, last section in the right column.


Click the SEARCH button at the bottom left of the screen.

Your results set will contain empirical studies on your topic.

Empirical study PsycINFO search

Subject Guide

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