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Internship Programs Research Guide : Off-Campus Research

This Research Guide has been created to assist students completing summer internships in writing research papers

Logging in to Databases

In order to access resources from off campus, you must use the database URL provided on the Library’s web site. (A complete list of our databases is here.)

When you connect to resources from off-campus, you'll be asked to enter your LAST NAME and your 10-digit ID number. The number on your college ID card looks like this:

123456789 - 3

When you enter that number to authenticate for library services and resources, be sure to include all 10 digits, with no spaces and no dash -- like this:


Research Off-Campus FAQs

How can I contact a librarian to get help with my research?

The Library offers several ways to contact a librarian for help. If you are off campus you can contact us using ASK US. Email questions are answered within 24 business hours, but usually much sooner. If you need extensive assistance your question will be directed to the subject specialist for your topic.

You can also instant message us by using the wideget on the ASK US page or by using the screen name librarianchat in AOL, Yahoo, MSN, or GoogleTalk. Instructions for using instant messaging can be found in ASK US chat. Librarians will be happy to work with you on finding accessible resources for your research.

What types of materials are available to me electronically when I am off campus?

The Library offers numerous types of materials electronically. All of our databases are available off-campus. There are scholarly articles, encyclopedias, dictionaries, biographical information, newspapers, data, statistics and more.  

How can I do research in databases (containing journal & newspaper articles)?

For research in scholarly or popular journals or newspapers use the Library’s databases or the subject research guides. Electronic resources are available remotely to all current students, faculty, and staff. When accessing an electronic resource from off campus you will be asked to enter your last name and your 10-digit Claremont Colleges ID. See the "Logging in to Databases" box on the left side of this page for more information.

Can I use Interlibrary Loan while I am studying off-campus?

You can use Interlibrary Loan for requesting articles or book chapters that we do not own at the Library. When processed by our Interlibrary Loan unit, these items will be sent to you electronically, as email attachments, just as if you were on campus. You may not, however, request books through Interlibrary Loan or LINK+ when you are away from the campus, as these must be picked up and returned in person to Honnold/Mudd Library.

Can I use electronic books (ebooks) while I am away?

The Library has access to many ebooks, all of which are available to you when you are away from the campus. Links to ebooks show up in Blais, the online catalog, as you search for authors, titles, keywords, etc. See our Ebooks Research Guide for information on accessing, printing, saving, etc...

Will I have access to digital images when I am away from campus?

Yes, you will have access to the Claremont Colleges Digital Library. The CCDL collections cover a broad range of subject areas and disciplines including psychology, college history, art, business management, and mathematics. Video taped lectures, digitized photographs, senior theses in pdf and video are among the forms of materials found in the CCDL. A complete list of databases containing images can be found here.

I am doing research using local resources while I am studying off-campus. Is there anything I need to be aware of?

Great! You will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do primary research while you are studying off-campus. The thing to remember is that when you get home you very likely will not have access to these same materials, so you need to copy any materials you might need and document the materials that you do use so you can cite them in your research. Often students come back to Claremont thinking they will have the same access to these materials they did in the local library in the small town they visited. Sometimes you might, but more often, even in the internet age, these materials are not available to you online. So do your research, interview local experts, and copy, cite and document!

What if I have problems accessing materials? Is there someone I can contact?

Whenever you have problems using resources from the Library’s web site (logging in, accessing a database, etc.), email the library staff using the ASK US email or via chat or phone. We will verify that your account is correctly entered in the Library’s records and that your account number is correct. We may have to contact your college to verify this information.