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Research Guides

Claremont Colleges Off-Campus Study

Library and research information for students participating in the CMC Washington Program, Silicon Valley, or Study Abroad.

Logging in remotely to Library Resources and Databases

In order to access resources from off campus, you must use the database URL provided on the Library’s web site. (A complete list of our databases is here.)

When you connect to resources from off-campus, you'll be directed to CAS (Central Authentication Services) to enter the username and password you use to login to your home campus network.

How to Find EBooks Using the Library's Search

To find books on your topic try a Keyword search.

Filter (limit) the results to Claremont Colleges and eBook. Ebooks cannot be borrowed, but they can be purchased by the library. If you do not find any suitable books, you can take off the Claremont Colleges filter, and leave the eBook filter. If you find a book not owned by Claremont that you would like, email the librarian. The eBook can be ready in a matter of days (or even same day sometimes)

Dissertations; Theses and Scholarly Papers

Subject Headings

Subject Headings are a "Controlled Vocabulary" that help you find all the books on a particular subject. If you find a relevant subject heading for your research topic in our catalog, you can also use it in many indexed databases (e.g., Academic Search) to find journal articles.

See the list below for some examples of subject headings related to this course. Search Blais (see box to the left) for other subjects not listed here.

HINT: If you see a good subject heading on a topic, try adding the name of the country you are researching.