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Using Windows 7 Ease of Access Features: Narrator

About Narrator

The Narrator is a feature will read out loud the text that is displayed on your screen.  It will also read alert messages that appear on your screen.

When the narrator function is on, it will announce the name of any icon moved over.  Additionally, it will read the contents of any windows that open.  Narrator will also announce the name of character/letter as you type.

Starting Narrator

1. To open the Narrator, first click on the Ease of Access Center icon on the Desktop.


2. On the window that opens, click on where it says Start Narrator.



3. Once you click on the "Start Narrator" button, Narrator will start reading and an option menu box will appear on your screen.

Exiting Narrator

1. To exit narrator click on the Exit button on the Narrator Dialogue Box.


2. Once you click on the exit button, a dialogue box will appear asking you if you really want to exit Narrator.  Click Yes.


3. After you click on the yes the Narrator program will continue to talk for a bit, just ignore it.  It will eventually stop and Narrator will stop.