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Using Windows 7 Ease of Access Features: Magnifier

About Magnifier

The Magnifier program enables you to magnify either the entire screen or a portion of the screen.  This feature makes it easier to view items that are difficult to see.

Magnifier can operate in one of three different modes:

Full-screen Mode


In Full-screen mode the entire screen is magnified.  You can view the portions of the screen not visible by moving your mouse into that area.

Lens Mode


In Lens mode, the area surrounding the mouse pointer is magnified.  The magnified area of the screen will follow the mouse pointer as it is moved.

Docked Mode


In Docked Mod, only a portion of the screen is magnified, while the rest of the screen is in it normal state.

Starting Magnifier

1. To open the Magnifier, first click on the Ease of Access Center icon on the Desktop.


2. On the window that opens, click on where it says Start Magnifier.


3. After clicking on Start Magnifier, the Magnifier program should start.

Note: You can exit Magnifier at any time by pressing the "Windows" and "Esc" keys.

Adjusting Settings in Magnifier

1. To adjust the various setting of Magnifier (such as amount of magnification, viewing mode, and contrast), you will need to click on the Magnifying Glass icon that appears on your screen.

2. Once you have click on the magnifying glass icon, a menu bar will appear.  From this menu bar you will be able to adjust many of the settings in Magnifier.

3. To adjust the amount of magnification you would click on either the "+" or "-" icon on the Magnifier menu bar.  To increase the magnification click on the "+" icon.  To decrease the magnification click on the "-' icon.

4. To adjust the viewing mode (full-screen, lens, or docked), click on the triangle next to Views.  Once you do this, a drop-down menu appears.  Select the viewing mode you want by clicking on it.



5. Additionally, you can adjust others settings, by clicking on the sprocket image to the right of views.


6. In the window that appears, you can set how the magnifier follows or track things on the screen.  The magnifier can be set up to follow either the mouse, the text insertion point, or the keyboard.  To select one of these options simply click on one of the boxes to the left of the desired option, so that a checkmark appears.


7. There is also an option to invert the colors on the screen.  This option will make it easier for some people to read text on the screen.  To invert the colors click on the box to the left of where it says "Turn on color inversion," so that a checkmark appears.

Example of Color Inverted Screen



Exiting from Magnifier

To exit from Magnifier mode simply press the Windows and Esc keys.