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Using Windows 7 Ease of Access Features: Home

Accessing the Ease of Access Controls

1. To access the Ease of Access features on the computer you can use the shortcut that appears on the desktop of all the computers in the Search Center.  This shortcut, title "Ease of Access Center" appears in the upper left-hand corner of the screen underneath the Recycling Bin.  To open the Ease of Acces Center simply double-click on the icon.


2. Once you double-click on the icon, the Ease of Acces window should open.  From this window you will be able to access many the features that will make the computer easier to use.

 The center portion of this window gives you access to the four most common tools: Magnifier, On-Screen Keyboard, Narrator, and High Contrast Mode.


3.  In addition, the bottom portion of the Ease of Access Center contains links to adjust other settings on your computer.

Please Note: several of the options presented in these settings require access to the control panel, which has been restricted on the Search Center Machines; therefore, not all features will be available.

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