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Information Literacy Habits of Mind (HOMs) Toolkit

To Cite or Not?

This worksheet introduces students to in-text citations, and when they are necessary. The text is taken from a Scholarship@Claremont thesis, and can be substituted out for another that is more closely related to the class, if you wish.

There are two ways you might use this:

1. assign the worksheet before class, then provide students with the answer key. Then discuss in class why certain sentences require a citations while others do not.

2. give the students a few minutes in class to complete the worksheet, then move directly to discussion. This might be a Think-Pair-Share exercise, or you can dive right into a full class discussion.

Do you need a citation manager?

This tongue-in-cheek citation manager flowchart can be used prior to introducing students to the need for a citation manager. However, the flowchart also highlights the many ways in which a citation manager helps manage research and also gives guidance on selecting the right citation manager for you.