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Information Literacy Habits of Mind (HOMs) Toolkit: Communication

CCL HOM: Communication

Effectively intergrate appropriate information sources to support an argument or position and clearly distinguish between their own ideas and the ideas of others in order to demonstrate an awareness of the broader scholarly conversation.

Communication Is...

Synthesis, integration, contextualization, and presentation of evidence in scholarship and creative work

First Year Worksheet

HOM Covered: Arguably all five.

This worksheet can be the basis of a one-shot lesson plan.

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Creative Commons License
Information Literacy Habits of Mind Toolkit by Claremont Colleges Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License.

Selected Learning Outcomes

  • Students will recognize interrelationships among concepts.
  • Students will organize the content in a manner that supports the purpose of the product.

How do your sources relate to each other and to your ideas?

HOM: Communication

Instructions to Librarian: This handout asks students to think about type of source, how a source relates to their ideas and how sources relate to one another. You can use this handout in class with sources a student just found or as an out of class assignment.