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Logging in to the Library's Computer and WiFi Network: Logging into the Library's Computers

Logging into the Library's Computers

With the exception of the computers located across from the Services Desk, all computers in the library are using Triton Websense Cloud security, which requires authorized users to log-in when accessing the internet.

Authorized users include:

  • All currently registered students
  • All currently registered faculty and staff
  • Certain qualifying community patrons

The steps to access the library's computers are as follows:

1.) When you open a web browser (Mozilla, Explorer, etc.) you will be prompted to login through the following screen:

Simply Click on the button that says "Login" to proceed.

2.) Once you click on the "Login" button, a window will open prompting you to enter your user name and password.

Your User Name is your campus email address (example:

Your Password is the ten digit number that appears on your ID (This includes the number after the dash, but not the dash).

3.) Once you have entered your user name and password, click "OK."  You should now be able to access any website on the internet.

Note: Community patrons that are authorized to use the library's computers have been assigned a special user name.  This user name can be obtained by asking at the Services Desk.


If you are having trouble logging in, please go to the Services Desk for assistance.