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Library Surveys of Students and Faculty: Student 2014

This guide contains reports and data from student and faculty surveys the library has administered.

Student Library Survey 2014

The 2014 CCL Student Library Survey, containing 20 content questions and 5 demographic questions, was administered between March 10 and April 20, 2014. About 12% of the total student population of the Claremont Colleges completed the survey.

The library plans to administer this survey on a biennial basis, next in spring 2016, including a rotating series of “modules” containing questions from other areas of the library (e.g., Special Collections, User Services and Resource Sharing (USERS), Center for Digital Initiatives (CDI), Interlibrary Loan, etc.). The present report summarizes major findings and issues recommendations that address the above research questions.

This survey sought to investigate the following research questions:

  1. What are the library profiles (defined as library use, skill, and awareness) of Claremont Colleges students?
  2. How do students characterize their information literacy (IL) and technology skills, and how well do students perceive that they are being supported in their IL/technology skills development?
  3. What are student perceptions and expectations of library collections, including, more specifically, e-books?

See PDF file (below) for full analysis of the data.