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Library Surveys of Students and Faculty: Faculty 2013

This guide contains reports and data from student and faculty surveys the library has administered.

Fall 2013 Faculty Library Survey

This report summarizes two recent faculty surveys - the 2012 Ithaka Survey and the 2013 Faculty Library Survey.

The Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey is a national survey administered triennially. The survey is run by the consulting and research arm of the nonprofit Ithaka group. On invitation, the Claremont Colleges’ Library participated in Fall 2012 for the first time. The survey was administered between November 6 and December 15, 2012 using the web-based survey management platform, Qualtrics. About 40% of total faculty completed the survey, or n=287 (total 7Cs faculty is about 712). A total of 392 began the survey, a 73% rate of completion.

The Fall 2013 Faculty Library Survey was created and revised by Claremont College Librarians from summer 2012 through summer 2013 and administered between October 14 through November 15, 2013 again using Qualtrics. Response rates for this survey were lower than the Ithaka survey. About 20% of total faculty completed the survey, or n=140. A total of 207 began the survey for a 68% rate of completion.

The two surveys were designed to gauge the Claremont Colleges faculty’s familiarity with, use of, and views about four areas: (a) Library educational services; (b) Information Literacy perceptions; (c) Library collections; (d) the role of the library. 

See PDF files below for full analysis of the data.